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We're Blenddy, a group of cannasseurs who have experienced different highs from different strains so we're always on the search for things that work for us. We broke that process down into both simple and extensive journaling It's a journey that requires tagging what you've tried, the method, the quantity, and finally your own impression of your experience.


We started our mission to help users understand what to take. We spent years creating the most comprehensive tool that manages dosage in a editable way that can be used to hone into each person's perfect high.


But we took an additional step to align it to each individual's lifestyle. We also gave users the insights they need to make the right choice on what to take. We accomplished that mission, and in turn users began to tell us what they love.


And now we're helping them find those products. We've recently completed the second part of our journey. And that's to build the structure on delivering items they've tagged.

We're looking for partners that want their inventory included in our catalog. It's as simple as providing your point-of-sale API to us. We check for available inventory and match that to our customers, who we'll redirect to you.

Because we're just completing this, I'd like to include you on our risk free trial. This will let you get familiar with how easy it is to have your inventory loaded up every day to customers looking for strains.

We're with you in terms of the challenges of cannabis marketing. This is why we made this a tenant of our business. We're open to hearing your thoughts on how we can help you in our tightly regulated market.

Now I'd love to talk with you and learn more. So please give us a call and we can jump online for a chat and see how we can help. 


Thanks for your time,


, and if you're not interested in reaching customers based on what they're looking for, I get it.

We're learning how customers

As we learn more about our customers, we'll share with you anonymized data on strains they're looking for.  We'd love to hear your thoughts

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