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 10/23 : Blenddy Android is currently under review with Google Play. Due to Covid 19, review times are taking longer than normal. Keep up with us, it'll be worth it! Here's a sneak peek on the up and coming...

7/04: Our gnomes have been hard at work completing Blenddy for our Android users. We've been pushing for our intro to be as good, if not better, than our iOS app, so we're including all our major features.

This release will concurrently be for our long-awaited Music Pairing so stay tuned! For release date and how to get the most out of Blenddy, sign up for the newsletter below.


We're busy debugging as you're reading this, so it won't be much longer. We're truly excited to have you join us soon!

the Blenddy Fam



Be on the lookout for the drop!

~ Late October 2020

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