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Tracking for Cannabis

Cannabis products come in many forms to be enjoyed such as flowers, edibles, concentrates and topicals. With each cultivar (strain) containing over one hundred natural compounds, it's complicated to break down what's causing your high.


These compounds are classified into cannabinoids and terpenoids, and it's their entourage effect that makes every cultivar unique.


In addition, each compound affects everyone's mental and physical conditions differently. Combine this with your personal preferences and cannabis gets personalized quickly. That's where tracking comes in.


Blenddy helps maximize cannabis' medicinal and recreational benefits as they pertain to you. Blenddy will help you understand what's working so you can make perfect decisions, each and every time.

Picking the Right Product

Our Session Log's three-step process records your sesh details so you can make your high easily repeatable by honing your measurements. All recordings can be additionally tagged to an activity, expanding your product application.


Equally important, cannabis should fit your lifestyle. Blenddy's Pairings lets you assign activities, tastes and symptoms to strains. Pairings is quite simply the fastest way to feeling great and allows you to grab the right product to fit your daily life.

Finally, you may see "effects" listed on packaging, but Blenddy's Effects tagging is based on your physiology. Easily add custom effects and group them for easy recollection so you always know what to expect.


Did You Know?

Your Blenddy entries hold the keys for what you should buy. As you unlock what works for you, Blenddy provides your consumption insights on your dashboard. For more tips, follow along at our blog, The Perfect Blendd.

Start Perfecting Your  High Today!

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