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Tracking for CBD

Depending on what you're treating, CBD efficacy can range from immediate to needing weeks long duration. In order to reach your goal, it's important to have a well-planned regimen to maximize results. Once you've calculated a starting dose, use Blenddy to track your adjustments.


Adjustments the Way You Need

Blenddy's Session Logs are saved to each strain, letting you make incremental adjustments. Our wizard walks you easily through the recording steps. When using CBDs with immediate effects, creating multiple session records lets you visually make changes to fit your needs.

CBD Session Description

During overnight sessions, such as for sleep, enter your Impression of your dosage when you wake. Access it directly through the notification message on your phone's lock screen. You can also add Notes on your sleep and dream pattern. Best of all, everything remains fully editable with our flyout drawers.


Blenddy also lets you save Photos. When treating with topicals such as aerosol sprays, cosmetics, or creams... capture beginning photos so you can compare results at the end stages. Just like the overnight log, a long-term one can be left open and filled in at the end of your regimen.


These photos can even be shared with our Share to Instagram feature. It can help you build a post with text or use it to save into your CBD Entry for recognizable images in My Stash!

Need Additional Help?


To effectively understand your CBD products, speak to your care practioner about a dosing regimen. Afterwards, head to our for Cannabis page for some additional tips and tricks!

Start Perfecting Your CBDs Today!

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