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Tracking for Mushrooms

Various mushrooms all over the world have been used for centuries in healing and wellness. From gourmet to medicinal, their outcomes can differ based simply on quantity.


Similarly, psilocybin varieties have been used for religious ceremonies and healing journeys. Through "macrodosing", people can challenge ingrained patterns of thought or find inner reflection.


Most recently, anectdotal evidence leans toward mushroom "microdosing" as an aid for long term treatment of anxiety and depression. The goal is not to feel much beyond a heightened sense of purpose. In fact, effects are measured over the course of weeks or months. 

The Flexibility You Need for Recording Trips


Mushroom trips depend on amounts, and recalling what works is especially important as results vary greatly from person to person. Sesh Log and individual session notes keep a record of your dosages as a long-term comparison tool.

Control your mushroom journey with the same tagging you've come to know and love. Everything from effects to activity pairings works exactly like our cannabis tracker!


Head to our blog Tracking All Things Mushrooms to learn more before your next trip!

Start Perfecting Your  Mushies Today!

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