Power Through Your Activities

Be in the right frame of mind physically, mentally, and auditorily.

Consuming the right amount can make or break your experience, especially when combining physical & mental accuracy. Dial in the right amount that works for you and you'll be in rockstar mode.

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Pair for Fast and Perfect Results

Even with the right product selection, amounts for a low-intensity activity might not work for something high-intensity and vice versa. You'll need to compensate based on what you're doing. We call this Pairing.


Blenddy helps you align intake amounts easily and quickly. Through tracking, you'll get into your perfect frame of mind... lightening fast every time!


Next Level Pairing with Playlists

If you've ever played the right tunes and instantly knew this was your zone, you've hit on the magic combo. The quadfecta of auditory + emotional + physical + mental buzz can be exhilarating.

Now you can recapture that experience using Blenddy's Music Pairing. Just tag your playlist to the product, so you're in the right mood in zero flat.

If you're short on inspiration, we've already put together some shared playlists below! Check them out in Blenddy!