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Who is Blenddy good for?

Throughout history, people have used organic products to treat ailments to produce healthful benefits. These benefits are maximized using proper quantities.

Given the variable differences in potency, the unique differences of the human body, these effects are uniquely personal. By understanding a product's effects ON YOU, you’ll be able to consume the perfect amount every time to reach your desired comfort level.

What is Blenddy not?

While the bulk of attractive, online videos glamourize overconsumption, the majority of people recognize those amounts are not for everyone. Blenddy users know their own perfect amount, which can range as low as 1-2 mg or 20 mg per compound. Knowing how to customize each product will help you consume responsibly and enjoy herbal products as a health and wellness option.

Why doesn’t Blenddy launch on my phone?

There are so many phones today and so many different OS versions. Start by getting the latest download as we are always improving the app and squashing bugs. If Blenddy still doesn't work, send us a message at

Are our records safe?

We respect the privacy of all our customers. All data is keyed to an anonymous user ID allowing you to move data between phones but also giving you the ownership you need.

Is Blenddy a replacement for store salesperson?

While multiple products can have the same name, products are extremely nuanced. Store keepers are more intimately familiar with their inventory and their recommendations can help confirm your thoughts. We recommend Blenddy as a tool to use after leaving the store to figure out what's working for you.

Do I need a doctor?

Though Blenddy does a great job helping you hone to your proper dosage, it is not a replacement for professional medical advice. If you are treating a specific ailment, a healthcare practitioner or medical advisor can help build a regimen that works for you. Recording in Blenddy does allow you to have an informed dialogue with your desired facility or practitioner.

I’m not finding a product in search. Can you help?

Our menu offerings are given to us by our licensed partners. If you don’t see options from your favorite store, have them reach out to us and we’ll see if we can include them in our future updates.

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