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Thank You High Times Family!

Your support has been tremendous! Our entries are now closed, and we'll be selecting the winners this week. It's still never too late to download Blenddy. That is still absolutely FREE and it's our commitment to keep delivering for the cannabis community. Our team of gnomes has been making Blenddy the best at canna-tracking and dosing since 2015, and we're just getting to the good stuff. Much love to all of you!


What we're giving away

For our High Times family, we've got three sets of daScoop and daSurface going to some lucky installs!!!

It's the easiest way to load your ground herb into your rolls, pipe, bongs, or portable herb pens. daScoop also does a great job on your dining room cloth for crumbs or anywhere else you're moving small pieces into a receptacle.

Winners will be announced here. All downloads from 3/22-3/31 will qualify.

*shipping only in the continental United States

About daCompany

We wanted all flower users to have a great way to load their bowls. Nearly touch free on the herb!


These two will keep your hands free of trichomes and your space free of crumbs. After all, those trichs should be going solely to your high.

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