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Smelling is Believing: Aroma Trumps THC When It Comes to Enjoying Cannabis

A recent study published in Psychoactives reveals that when it comes to enjoying cannabis, a strain's pleasant aroma is more important than its THC levels. As highlighted in the article "Aroma, Not THC, Is Critical For Enjoying Cannabis, Scientists Say" on Benzinga, researchers found that volunteers reported more positive effects from strains they found aromatically appealing, regardless of THC potency or dose size.

This research highlights the need for cannabis consumers to move beyond fixating on high THC numbers and instead find strains that work best for their individual senses. As the scientists conclude, "optimal recreational enjoyment may be achieved by using small amounts of low-potency cannabis with a pleasant aroma."

Aromas Trumps THC So Follow Your Nose, Not the Numbers

Rather than getting caught up in the THC arms race, where dispensaries compete to offer ever-higher THC percentages, it's time for consumers to stop and smell the flowers. Cataloging and tracking how different strains make you feel - beyond just their THC content - can unlock more consistent, enjoyable cannabis experiences.

Our noses may know best when it comes to cannabis enjoyment. But without an effective system for recording aromas, flavors, and personalized experiences with different strains, it's tough to remember what worked (or didn't) in the past.

Data-Driven Dosing for Ideal Effects

That's where Blenddy comes in. Our mobile app empowers you to easily log strains along with characteristics like smell, flavor, and customize effects tags. Over time, Blenddy's data visualizations reveal connections between strains you enjoy and those that don't work as well.

Armed with personally relevant cannabis data, you can make informed choices at the dispensary. Instead of guessing based on THC percentages alone, Blenddy equips you to trump strains using appealing aromas and predicted positive effects based on your past experiences.

Responsible Exploration, Not Overconsumption

The researchers also stress the importance of consuming cannabis safely and responsibility. As cannabis legalization spreads globally, there is an urgent need to educate consumers on how to enjoy cannabis without overdoing it on THC.

Blenddy promotes responsible use by allowing you to easily track aromas and analyze your personal dosage limits over time. Our journaling features empower you to document how different dosages make you feel. Over time, you can zero in on your ideal personal dosage - one that provides enjoyable effects without unwanted side effects from overconsumption.

The future of cannabis is personalized, not one-size-fits all. Research shows aroma matters more than THC alone when it comes to enjoying cannabis's effects. Equipped with data-driven insights from Blenddy, you can go beyond the hype and discover strains providing positive outcomes tailored to your individual preferences.

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