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Blenddy Android Release Notes

Our gnomes are a playful bunch. One might find them tending to their garden or relaxing in the outdoors. You never know what they’re hatching up but we never question the results. We were surprised by their love for Android so we had to snatch them up to create the best experiences for our canna users. Just look at Blenddy Release Notes and you’ll see what we mean!

For their iOS release notes, click here.

Why do we have different release notes between iOS and Android?

Because we’re always running up to the character limit on the Android platform. But we’ll add any beneficial information here such as our blog and articles to get you up to speed!

3.0.9 Mar 17, 2022

We’re always pushing our gnomes to make everything clearer to understand. Coinciding with our spring mushies drop, it was the right time to freshen up a few things. To help easily view effects, we put them into positive/neutral/negative groupings. We also added brand visibility in Stashes. The library received loads of love with a buttery smooth scrolling engine, new colors for categorization, and strain library revisions! We even had time to pound a few bugs, including the rollie pollies!

Version 3.0.8 Jan 11, 2022

Gnomes get excited about the new year transition as it reminds them of the upcoming harvests. Over this break, they added custom entry tabs to track both brands and stores, giving you ever more ways to filter your stash. They also updated Category and Shop Lists with the latest information. You won’t find petunias in there, but you will see product descriptions from garden mushies to golden CBDs!

Version 3.0.7 Nov 23, 2021

Sometimes pot gnomes get their best ideas in pairs, and two of our most creative, Darwin & Sparks, teamed up for this pre-holiday release. Darwin, channeling his inner-science guru, re-catalogued our entire strain library. This tremendously sped up our Try List tagging! Our shopping pro, Sparks, then became inspired to add cross-linking on the product information pages! What does this mean? Together with some mods to the alpha-jump, you’ve got the ultimate shopping assistant at your fingertips! Easily search, mark and reference your tags with anything in our entire library. To tap into this one, check our blog for tips on mastering your shopping game!

Version 3.0.6 Aug 19, 2021

Blenddy’s starts everything centered around you, so naturally our shopping wiz, Sparks, needs a bit of personal information so he can conjure up the right products! Helping Sparks improves your personalized recommendations, such as products and content to fit your lifestyle. In the meantime, the other gnomes rebooted the product list and refined the alpha jump, just in time for all the new fall harvests. Soon, you’ll be basking in magical clouds too!

Version 3.0.5 Jul 16, 2021

Summer’s here and traveling’s begun! With places to go and pictures to snap, Anzel, our photo gnome, created the ability to share photos to her socials. Now you can share your entry images and keep your friends up-to-date on your canna trips. Post directly to your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds, all from one place! Happy posting!

Version 3.0.4 June 13, 2021

Dosaging is especially hard to track if you’re blendding, so that’s exactly what our gnomes focused on…We’ll now walk you through the entire dosing process, creating a useful record for you to reference on future seshes.

Each session is now contained, dated, and even equipped with an extension timer, allowing you to get into the right rhythm before recording your thoughts. You can also tag activities directly to each sesh for more granular results. Immensely powerful, gnomingly simple!

Version 3.0.1 April 05, 2021

Gnome gatherings are quite the event during wintertime. From playing in the snow to hunting for collectibles, the season provides plenty to distract. With the spring melt and their energy replenished, they’ve gathered to put back Notifications and the ability to edit your custom name pairings.

Now you can get back to playing and not miss a beat as you’ll get a gentle reminder to complete your open session records. Remember, completing open sessions helps you Find Your Perfect High!

Version 3.0.0 February 10, 2021

Our gnomes being burrowed-in-place found themselves consuming different batches of their favorite strains. Imagine their surprise with the differences in effects! So they added Batch ID to easily discern same-named products in My Stash. Batch ID is also perfect for plant-to-plant comparisons!

They’ve also touched up vape & pen temperature input, so C translates to F and vice versa…because American gnomes love C too!

Version 1.0.2 December 24, 2020

Happy Holidays! Our gnomes have been rocking all their winter jams but couldn’t recall what song + strain combos got them feeling extra zippity. So to help them remember, they added a tab to link Spotify playlists to strains for the perfect musical + mental journey! The only caveat? You’ll need a Spotify premium account. You can also record temperatures in Flowers and Concentrate Pens seshes. Why settle for single temp when you can fine tune to get the most of your cannabinoids and terpenes!

VERSION 1.0.0 October 21, 2020

Why spend your time confused on what to take? Say goodbye to bad experiences and gain confidence consuming by doing it Low and Slow so you can target Your Perfect High. Optimize your high using Blenddy to track your products, sessions, effects and more! Blenddy helps you figure out what to pair your products with, whether it’s your favorite activity, taste, or symptom.

Blenddy Android Release Notes are compiled and maintained by our Forest Gnomes.

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