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Blenddy iOS Release Notes

Most days are fun days for our gnomes. It’s their way to keep their inspiration and make the magic happen at Blenddy. If you’re not careful, you’ll miss their attention to detail in making Blenddy work for you. Take a look below to see what we mean!

For Android release notes, click here.

Version 3.0.6 Aug 18, 2021

Blenddy’s starts everything centered around you, so naturally our shopping wiz, Sparks, needs a bit of personal information so he can conjure up the right products! Helping Sparks improves your personalized recommendations, such as products and content to fit your lifestyle. In the meantime, the other gnomes rebooted the product list and refined the alpha jump, just in time for all the new fall harvests. Soon, you’ll be basking in magical clouds too!

Version 3.0.5 Jul 20, 2021

Summer’s here and traveling’s begun! With places to go and pictures to snap, Anzel, our photo gnome, created the ability to share photos to her socials. Now you can share your entry images and keep your friends up-to-date on your canna trips. Post directly to your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds, all from one place! Happy posting!

Version 3.0.4 Jun 13, 2021

Dosaging is especially hard to track if you’re blendding, so that’s exactly what our gnomes focused on…We’ll now walk you through the entire dosing process, creating a useful record for you to reference on future seshes. Each session is now contained, dated, and even equipped with an extension timer, allowing you to get into the right rhythm before recording your thoughts. You can also tag activities directly to each sesh for more granular results. It’s everything you’ve come to love about our dosage tracking, except it’s even easier to complete. Immensely powerful, gnomingly simple. Have time? Send us an email and let our gnomes know how you like it!

Version 3.0.3 Apr 30, 2021

Our gnomes got motivated by the spring floral aromas in their garden and decided to expand our Terpene tracker! As a result, terps are now also accessible through the Strain Details section in addition to Aroma Pairings. Likewise, you can compare data against your tasting skills to uncover what tickles your taste buds and drives your effects! We also pulled the bug swatter out and fixed issues with pairings, palette states, photo order, value entering and retention, sorting, temperature, formatting, input dialogs and numerous visual improvements. Happy Spring Exploring!

Version 3.0.1 Apr 05, 2021

Gnome gatherings are quite the event during wintertime. From playing in the snow to hunting for collectibles, the season provides plenty to distract. With the spring melt and their energy replenished, they’ve gathered to put back Notifications, which were left out in our big release. Now you can get back to playing and not miss a beat as you’ll get a gentle reminder to complete your open session record. Completing your open sessions helps you Find your Perfect High. They’ve also added the ability to edit any custom pairing words. We know creating the right label isn’t always easy when you’re on a trip, so dial them in afterwards for the best recall. Our gnomes are friendly creatures who need your support in the form of ratings. They won’t ask until you’ve had a couple of go-arounds. So when the chance arises, let them know they’re doing a good job, so they can keep bringing you more of what you want!

Version 3.0.0 Feb 19, 2021

Just like you, our gnomes have been burrowed-in-place with excess time on their hands. So they got right down to revamping the interface and added a few new tools to help you manage the use and effects of your products. With this build, there’s an added layer of security from prying eyes as we’ve integrated Apple’s facial recognition, with support for pin access. A new tab bar puts speedy shortcuts to key features in your reach. Pretty gnometastic, right? But they didn’t stop there. Did you know gnomes prefer working to music? They rock out to many playlists, but had a hard time remembering what music styles go with which strains. So, they created Music Pairing. It’s a way to tag your Spotify playlists to your products! Now you can get right to work in the perfect mood and groove! The only caveat? You’ll need a Spotify premium account, gnome hat optional. They’ve also simplified product input with a step-by-step process. It’s perfect for keying just the critical information for a no-hassle entry. Get started by mashing the yellow button in your stash/list window. Strains can now be tagged by Batch ID. Built specifically for those moments when you have two identical product names but need to track batch specific effects. It’s also great for plant-to-plant comparisons… If any of this sounds new, come visit our website to become a master of dosages! Beginners welcome too! With all these changes, how could we forget about upgrading My Stash and Lists? They’re the perfect sorting tools to help you make the right choice. The updated layout now shows potency when you swipe an entry, so you can quickly compare products and get your gnomey high! New colors for customized lists help keep your stashes organized for yourself and others! As always, our gnomes want to hear from you! Let us know if you like the upgrades, what you’re looking for, and how we can continue giving you the best experience whether you’re flying solo or flying in your pod…

Version 2.3.0 Mar 5, 2020

Our gnomes have been working hard so you can now accurately caretake for your loved ones. They’ve come up with Lists, a way to help you manage separate inventories and intake. Use it also for pets, or others, who are unable to enter cannabis dosages on their own.

You can also take advantage of Lists to group your entries by lifestyle activities, phenotypes, appellations, tastes, symptoms…whatever you want. Tap your inner sommelier and build an evening social menu or collect your CBD recovery regimen in one easy list. Check our Instagram page for more great ideas on how to use Blenddy!

We also swatted a few bugs, changed review schedule, and freshened up some menus and backgrounds. Thanks to the Blenddy fam for the feedback. As always, if there’s anything you want to see, reach us at

Version 2.2.4 Nov 9, 2019

We’ve taken some time to revise our login and username process. Whether you’re Mike420, Greenboy420, or Greengirl420, we’ll be sure you’re the only one on Blenddy. Claim your username now!

Version 2.2.3 Jul 16, 2019

Yeah, it happens. Summertime flowers are good at distracting our gnomes, and resulted in an image transfer bug. This release fixes the migration settings.

Version 2.2.2 Jul 12, 2019

Our gnomes have been mashing their keyboards to give you multiple device usage! This update will back up your data, and requires users to create an account and username. Claim your username now!

We’ve also fixed and added a few things on our radar:

  1. Updated Watch Notifications so they’re in tip top shape

  2. Added CBD tracking to cover new products

  3. Addressed a number of existing bugs

  4. Added an alert for reviews to help us improve Blenddy for you!

Version 2.1.2 Jan 26, 2019

Our gnomes are on overdrive extinguishing issues with account creation and some minor freeeezing issues. It’s cold this time of year!

Version 2.1.1 Jan 15, 2019

Our gnomes have brought out a special can of spray to extinguish some issues we’ve had with account creation, and in the process, updated some lists to make them faster and more reliable. Now you can get back to tagging products you’re interested in buying, as well as keeping track of what you already like.

Version 2.1 Nov 15, 2018

We’re always quashing those pesky bugs but since Apple pushed out the XS and XS Max, our supergnomes are busy making sure everything is in tip top shape. Regardless if you’re using one of the new phones, you’ll see upgrades to our photo editor that might have previously stopped you in your tracks.

Version 2.0 Oct 10, 2018

Our gnomes have been gone for awhile with their heads down improving Blenddy and making it the premiere product tracker! Almost every feature has been updated in this version to help you find your perfect blend. This is a major version release with iOS 11/12 compatibility for iPhones 5 through X. Here’s what you’ll enjoy:

We’ve updated Blenddy’s interface to give you full control of your strains. Record and experiment to find a way that works best for you. We expanded our strain and product lists and they got so huge we needed to upgrade the way our alpha-list jumps!

Besides growing everything in size, you’ll now find dedicated areas for tracking activities, tastes, and symptoms…and if you’ve got some completed strains in My Stash, ceremoniously store them in Blenddy’s new archive section to make room for all the latest stuff you’re trying.

Did we mention we have an Apple Watch addition? Our notifications are now optimized to complete your experience right from your wrist! So no more forgetting when your phone’s made its way to the bottom of your sofa…

Thoughts? Send an email to and follow us @blenddyapp on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

Version 1.27 Apr 6, 2015

Initial Product Release

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