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Combining Cannabis Strains for the Perfect Blendd

Shopping for cannabis can be frustrating when you can’t find what works for you. After searching multiple dispensary menus to locate a specific strain, it often ends as an exercise in futility. New batches take months to come, while desired products fly off the shelves before you even get a chance. You end up settling for what’s left because you’re tired and just need a bowl! Rather than constantly being let down month after month, how about combining cannabis strains you already own?

Ending Up with the Wrong Product

When we’re first starting off on the cannabis experience, we don’t have enough reference points that we task a budtender to pick something for us. We describe what we’re after, and they’ll show us a few items in stock. But they don’t really know our physiology, and a few questions won’t cut it.

Aside from the lack of personal knowledge, the level of accuracy of somebody who is seeing a hundred random patients or more a day probably isn’t great. It’s more than likely budtenders don’t have enough time to spend with you and there’s no follow-up to see how things are working. The product you bought ends up being too strong or too sedating and sits in your stash collecting dust. So what to do with all of this?

Strain Mixing is already being done

Yes, you can combine cannabis products! All over the internet, epic joints are topped with hash, concentrate and kief to be consumed all at once. They comprise different forms of cannabis mixed together to achieve different effects.

In your stash, it’s almost certain to contain at least one hybrid variety. Hybrids were cultivated by growers because of the characteristics and effects of their parent strains. You could similarly apply this approach to create a combination made from products you own.

Since you’re the only one familiar with your physiology, crafting your own strain allows you to target your desired mood or activity. The first step will be to understand what each individual product does for you. By doing things Low and Slow, you’ll have a good idea of each product’s nuances.

Make Your Own Cannacoction – Combining Cannabis Strains to Perfection

Here are some other common scenarios you might run across.

I love this strain, it’s pretty close to perfect.

If you already own a strain you love, but the effects are a little off, try adjusting the dosage. You could also experience a different high by changing devices, such as moving to a bubbler or water bong. For a more controllable experience, a vape with adjustable temperatures offers the ability to isolate different compounds. Any of these techniques make refining your experience easy and simple.

These strains aren’t that good.

For strain(s) that are off the mark, but you know what effects they have individually, try making a blendd. Going with 80/20, 70/30, 60/40, or 50/50 are all options. Taking your blendd Low and Slow allows you to explore how to make something you dislike interesting. Again, consuming by modifying vape temperatures can result in some positive differences.

“I can’t find this strain I loved”

We started with the example above. One way to get something similar to what you love is finding out its parent strains. It’s not a replica for a crafted strain, but certain characteristics will still be present.

For example, Blue Dream has risen to be a market favorite because of Blueberry’s (Indica) mild relaxation X Haze’s (Sativa) invigorating qualities. If you were to find both these strains, you can experiment on creating a perfect blendd for your needs. By combining 30% Blueberry and 70% Haze in a bowl, you can dial in a “Blue Dream” that’s perhaps not as sedating, or with less psychoactive character.

Uncover Your Perfect Blendd

Rather than repetitively consuming something that doesn’t work, apply your product knowledge to heighten your experience. Approach Blendds as an immensely powerful and creative technique that addresses the following:

  1. In search of the perfect physical and mental high

  2. Isolating or amplifying effects to address your needs

  3. In complete boredom with the strains you own

  4. Looking to create something new

  5. Combine different plants based on their terpenoids

  6. Balance out the undesirable effects of a strain

The Perfect Blendd isn’t about doing one thing. It’s about doing your thing. So take out your product and remember to go Low and Slow. Blenddy

Lastly, use Blenddy to tune your dosages by tracking your results to refine your blendds. The Sessions tool helps create a chronological list you can reference, helping you make adjustments along the way. If you need more help, check our online videos to walk you through the process or post your questions in the comments below.

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