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Consuming Flowers

Cannabis flowers offer a full range of benefits thanks to containing a variety of active compounds like cannabinoids and terpenes. But did you know there are different ways to enjoy cannabis flowers?

In this post, we'll look at how different flower consumption techniques lead to different experiences as well as how flowers differ from other cannabis forms.

What's in Cannabis?

Cannabis can provide both mental and physical effects to meet medicinal and recreational needs. These effects come from cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant's trichomes - those shiny, sticky crystals coating the leaves and buds.

  • Cannabinoids interact with our body's endocannabinoid system to produce medical and psychoactive benefits

  • Terpenes create distinctive aromas and flavors

Consuming the whole cannabis flower provides the full spectrum of these compounds, called the “entourage effect".

In contrast, other products like edibles or concentrates, extract specific elements, changing the experience. In these cases, a manufacturer transforms a whole plant offering into something attuned to their customer base.

Popular Ways to Enjoy Cannabis Flowers

There are two main ways to consume flowers:

Combustion (Smoking) - Igniting flowers with flame releases both cannabinoids and terpenoids all at once. Though quick, combustion also releases damaging toxins like tar and monoxide.

Convection (Vaping) - Passing hot air through flower material to convert cannabinoids and terpenoids into inhalable vapor. Vaping operates at significantly lower temperatures than combustion, and thus free from harmful levels of toxins.

Pro Tip: Gradually increasing temperature over the same vape session allows for staggered consumption, and additional levels of control of the high based on vaporization temperatures.

Pros of Cannabis Flower

  • Full entourage effect from complete cannabinoid and terpene profile

  • Enjoy nuanced aromas and flavors

  • Almost immediate effects to guage strength, making honing adjustments easier

  • Abundance of flower choices on the market

  • Can be blended for customized medicating

Cons of Cannabis Flower

  • May not provide high doses needed for some medical conditions

  • Combustion leads to wasted smoke from being passed around

  • Relit joints (roach) can taste terrible

  • Sticky trichomes make handling messy

  • Degrades during storage leading to sedative effects


When it comes to cannabis, flowers are the best way to achieve full spectrum experience. With abundant strain choices on the market, you have endless options to create blends tailored to your needs. Tracking what works help you monitor your effects and outcomes so you can get the most from your cannabis flowers and flower blendds. What has been your favorite flower choice so far?

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