Consuming Flowers

Cannabis flowers offer full-plant consumption benefits, providing the best flavors as well as an entourage high. But did you know there are different ways to consume cannabis flowers? In this post, we'll review how flowers differ from other product forms that influence your experience.

What's in Cannabis?

Cannabis plants produce both mental (psychoactive) and physical (analgesic) effects, which address medicinal and recreational needs. Located on its leaves are white "crystals," aka trichomes, that carry the cannabinoid and terpenoid compounds. When consuming flower, a user converts both classes of compounds into something absorbed by the body. This whole plant consumption and its resulting effects are coined the entourage effect.

In contrast, other forms of cannabis products, such as edibles or concentrates, break down a flower into separate compounds. In these cases, a manufacturer transforms the whole plant offering into something attuned to their customer base.


There are two main approaches for consuming flower:

Combustion (Smoking) - The use of a tool that ignites flower material, which in turn releases both cannabinoids and terpenoids all at once. Though quick, combustion releases potential damaging toxins like tar and monoxide into the lung.

Convection (Vaping) - The use of a tool that passes hot air across flower material at a user-defined temperature. This method releases cannabinoids and terpenoids based on their vaporization temperatures. Unlike combustion, vaping operates at significantly lower temperatures, and thus releases less harmful levels of toxins. Applying temperature control also allows for gradual or staggered consumption, extending the inventory of a cannabis stash.

Advantages of Smoking Flower

  • Access the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenoids in a plant

  • Smell the aromas and taste the flavor profile

  • Almost immediate effects, making honing adjustments easier

  • Abundance of flower choices on the market

  • Can be mixed together to fit your need

Disadvantages of Smoking Flower

  • May not be potent enough for high-dose medicinal needs

  • Combustion loss from being passed around or staying lit on the table

  • Relit joints (roach) can taste terrible

  • Trichomes are sticky and messy to handle

  • Degrades in storage, resulting in sleep-inducing effects as CBD converts to CBN


When it comes to cannabis, flowers are the best way to achieve full spectrum results. You have many different choices when it comes to cultivars and each one provides you infinite control over your experience. Tracking what works help you monitor your effects and outcomes so you can get the most from your cannabis flowers and flower blendds. What has been your favorite flower choice so far?