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Creating Your Profile

Should you trust a complete stranger’s psychoactive product recommendation when they know nothing about you? No right??!! Why wouldn’t your consumption history play a part in determining what you like? Blenddy starts with your preferences to build personalized solutions just for you. But to really deliver great recommendations, there’s still a bit of info we need– such as past experience, physical attributes, and preferred product groups, just to name a few. Creating your profile adds this layer of curation into our recommendations.

How a Profile Gives Better Results

Cannabis takes months to grow. This inventory cycle and multitude of strains means something that worked for you may not always be available at the dispensary.

To complicate things, products are often only listed with the strain name + potency (THC/CBD). Yet this product differs because of hundreds of cannabis compounds, which work in conjunction with your unique physiology. As a result, finding similar products turns into a difficult and time-consuming task.

Better Results on the Horizon

It turns out having information makes an enormous difference in finding what you want. Even something as simple as a rating gives Blenddy reference points for what you like.

By creating your profile, Blenddy will offer personalized suggestions matching closest to your feedback. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can also use the Search and Try List.

To start getting personalized recommendations, click the “Create a Profile” Wizard found on the dashboard. Complete it so we can start the heavy lifting for you!

As you become more attuned to your likes and preferences, you can refine your profile through the More > Settings tab. We can’t wait to see your magic happen!

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