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Honing In with Session Log

Whether you’re an occasional or regular toker, honing in your dosage helps you avoid random ending sessions and getting overly high. Since cannabis effects are unique to an individual, knowing exactly how much to take requires self-awareness, measuring and recording of your consumption amounts.

Blenddy’s Session Log helps you determine a dose you like. By honing-in to only what you need, you’ll avoid negative effects of over-consuming and building-up unnecessary tolerance. We call this the Perfect High. You achieve it by using your past experiences to guide your current session dose.

Record Four Items for Dosing Perfection

Inside your product entry, under Session Log, click “Create New Session” to start the wizard. The wizard will guide you through the recording of these items:

  1. Method – Note the consumption tool used

  2. Amount – The weight or perceptive measurement of product

  3. Impression – What you think of your current sesh outcome

  4. Activity (completed when closing the sesh) – What you were achieving on this dose

After completing steps one to three, a session timer begins to remind you to complete your sesh recording. The timer length varies depending on the category, i.e. Flowers vs. Edibles vs Psilocybin.

When the timer ends, complete the follow-up wizard to tag #4 to your sesh. Activities help differentiate your optimal dosages, allowing you to recall a specific dose when re-performing the activity.

As throughout Blenddy, everything maintains edit-ability giving you multiple ways to use the tool. To learn more about how this works, take a look at our MAIA method.

Ways to Apply Session Log Data

Recorded sessions are listed as tabs in the order of creation. There are different approaches to using the tab list, which boil down to your viewing and storage preferences. Both arrive at the same result but are presented differently:

Running Tabs Log each session using the Add Session button. Use these individual tabs as reference for what to take next

Singular Tab Tap existing values to hone-in your perfect dose *Note that no notifications are given with this approach

As you’ll find, it’s possible to have multiple perfect doses as your results may cover a range of values distinguished by activities, doses, and devices, etc. In future sessions, you can fast-track or tune into your Perfect High by using your dosages.

Pro Tips:

  1. An entry’s selection options change according to the category. In the case of Edibles, Onset Time replaces Method.

  2. Use a physical token to hone on-the-go by simply taking a photo of your dose next to your token. Store this image inside the strain entry to visually recall what to use. Your token can be a key, a coin or any readily available object.

  3. Swiping left on a Sessions Log tab exposes the trash button

  4. Re-order


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