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It’s Time to Start Tracking Your Cannabis-ing

Blenddy is unwrapped and we’re showcasing a completely new experience helping you track and discover your perfect strains and amounts. It’s been a while, but we’re excited to share our newest techniques, tips, and tricks to match the evolution of the cannabis market.

We’re here to help make your life just that bit easier and informed. A lot has changed from when we first started. A whole CBD market has popped up, filled with players we never thought would make stuff. It’s great for you and us, and we’ll try to be the partner to help you make sense of it all, right down to the terpenes and sauces, but most importantly, to fit with your lifestyle.

We’re doubling down to make us lifelong partners in your journey by staying true to our mission:

To become the go-to platform where people discover cannabis product and learn how cannabis affects them.

Another newsletter sign up??!!

We’re not spammy people, so here's what you'll receive in our newsletter. Over the years, we’ve fielded many questions on cannabis products and how to use Blenddy. Our newsletter will answer those questions and highlight stories for users just like you.

We’re adding a number of support platforms to help you tap your product in interesting ways. To sign up, simply download Blenddy and create an account.

In the process, we’re going to stop using the word marijuana, we’ll try our best to also avoid weed, and maybe see if cannabis-ing will encompass everything consumable related to this industry.

We’re also sharing industry insights and dropping product journey techniques for beginners to advanced users on the easiest way to manage your cannalifestyle via our new blog. You’ll find everything here, including videos for those who just prefer step-by-step instructions.

Some of the information will be technical. Just because it’s a lot easier to first understand how powerful tracking cannabis can be. Some of it will be fun, and we hope you get engaged with us. We’re committed to making Blenddy the best herbal blend tracker for your busy lives.

Sit tight world, the Blenddy experience is back on track! As always, if you have any comments, send them to We’d love to hear from you :). And find everything and more on our IG or Twitter if you want to chat us up.


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