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Master Dosing Using Our MAIA Method

Cannabis has been associated with many myths, one of the most common being it makes people lazy and unproductive. This couldn’t be further from the truth as many use cannabis’ medicinal properties to help them achieve more work!

In fact, we continually hear stories from athletes to business people being productive and tackling their tasks using cannabis. They’ve found productivity, enjoyment and fruitfulness using plant medicine. We’ve also seen this with parents, eldery caretakers, creatives, service workers, and many who use cannabis in their daily lives.

So how does one get to the other side of this canna/work divide? The most basic understanding is to be able to find the appropriate cultivar for you. It is the underlying step of Finding Your Perfect High using Blenddy and one we make simple using our MAIA method.

The Evolving Science

As legalization of medicinal cannabis took off, advancements in consumption devices and methods also took shape. Patients gained access to healthier consumption alternatives, while also reaping better effects from the same products. We are now inundated with digital temperature rigs, time released patches, complex concentrates, gourmet edibles and terp sauces that highlight cannabinoids, flavonoids and individual compounds.

Over the last couple of years, new compounds and terpenes have been discovered for use, with many more still waiting to be understood. This product discovery has been matched, if not exceeded, by empirical cannabis testing, which has uncovered the boiling points of these compounds and with work towards isolate terps for use in traditional industries. And yet, all of this magical integration is happening without consideration of the most important element… YOU.

For decades, the prevailing notion was consuming more cannabis will make you feel higher. In THC products that was indeed the case. However, certain cannabinoid compounds can balance each other out. This occurs with THC and CBD as knowledgeable consumers use high CBD flower to combat THC’s anxiety effects.

In other situations, compounds work synergistically to take you even higher. Knowing what strains work for you will help you leap from casual “get me high toker” to productive “I’m living life” consumption. The awareness can be life-changing and instrumental in how you approach cannabis.

How to Find Your Perfect – The MAIA Process

Underlying the discussion is the fact that none of us are built the same. You’re unique because of your psyche (mind), your physiology (body), and your preferences (what you like). Yet we’re led to accept that a cultivar’s final outcomes fit into this neat box of generalized effects represented by some choice bar graphs.

No amount of belief will make you fit into those generalizations time and again. The hundred-plus compounds that make cannabis unique also cause a multitude of effects, including some “non-desireables” that appear with high potency that can turn you into “that lazy stoner.”

Depending on your physiology, you can experience greenout, becoming over-sedated, feel nausea, loopy, or have hunger pangs. Worse yet, without a system, uncovering which products work for you can be a mystery.

Since you’re the hero in the consumption process, it’ll take your input to make this right. You’ll need to understand how and in what quantities cultivars affect you. Modifying these items will allow you to extract exactly what you need to be your hero.

Blenddy’s Session Log widget helps you determine what works by recording a few reference points. These can be modified incrementally to identify your perfect amounts with each product. This system boils down to tracking four inputs of our MAIA system:

  1. Method When tracking to evaluate effects, it’s important to adjust only one reference point at a time. This allows you to understand what amount (dosage) works. Flower-based methods can be combustion (pipe, bong, bubbler) or convection (vape) based. Not all methods output the same type or amount of cannabinoids. Combustion for example, releases additional terpenoids and carcinogens into your system. So it’s useful to only compare the same Method. Vapes with variable temperatures allow users to “dial” in cannabinoid and terpenoid evaporation points, give users an added element of control and should also be noted. We discuss that more here.

  2. Amount Tracking is most effective using a weigh scale due to it's accuracy to correlate quantity with effect. A scale measuring down to a hundredth of a gram (0.01g) can be found on Amazon for under $15. It’s also possible to perform this step using visual measurements. You’ll make a judgment call on the quantity consumed, such as small, medium, or large. Successful results require consistency in your evaluation.

  3. Impression Impression determines whether you need more or less based on your Method + Amount. It’s subjective so no outside person can help with this one. With this setting you’ll be able modify future sesh amounts to hone-in on the perfect high for you.

  4. Activity The last detail is what you’re doing. A dose that’s right for one activity might not be the right dose or stimulus for another activity. For example, a dose for relaxation wouldn’t be the same as for being attentive. So logging this one will allow you to differentiate your doses even within the same cultivar.

There are however some outliers. Certain conditions may affect absorption, such as a full stomach or being tired. These moments would be hard to recreate, and if starting under those conditions, use Blenddy’s sesh notes to make the distinction.

You’re ready for perfection

When you know what to expect, it makes the experience that much better. With these four items in mind, you can access your sesh amounts anytime and best of all it’s curated for you and lightening fast.

Want something more advanced? Try our CRAFT project, where you can start blendding two or more strains together to achieve your personalized high!

Now that you’ve figured out your dose, why not tag your lifestyle activity so you know what to grab in addition to how much to take!


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