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Pairing Music to Your Cannabis Strains

Pairing music to cannabis to get in the perfect mood can be a bit of a science. You never know if the strain you smoked was going to sync with what you were listening to without trying it. When I was in college, my roommates and I would study while listening to different types of music during our smoke sessions. There were always some tunes that ended up making me tired.

It turns out there’s actually real science behind the way music interacts with your body during a sesh. Slow beats per minute (BPM) tunes can prolong your high as the rhythm slows down your heart rate. For energetic high, upbeat songs get your blood pumping. It’s no wonder whenever I went to the gym, electronic music was the preference for my high-intensity training.

However, BPM alone didn’t take into consideration my preferences on the music genre. Anything I disliked felt like noise, which caused anxiety and stress. Having contrasting mediums, such as an energetic Sativa paired with the slow doldrums of bass interrupted my creative flow. As you can see, my activity would compound any audio effects. This interruption would have me spending time to re-find my flow with every different sesh, strain, and activity. We decided to overcome this by adding Music Pairing. It’s the quickest way to get to your perfect high each and every time.

Pairing a Music Playlist using the following steps:

  1. Inside any entry, tap the “Add a Playlist” button within the Music Pairing tab

  2. Authenticate your Spotify account (only for the first time)

  3. Tap a playlist that works while you’re actively consuming

When playing from Blenddy, a built-in playhead lets you control your tunes. Tap the playlist to change it when you find a better music selection…

The next time you want to be in the perfect mood, whether it’s lounging on a sofa, doing housework, or throwing a party, you’ve got your perfect cannabis + music pairing lined up waiting for you in Blenddy!


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