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Reaching Your Perfect High

Blenddy’s Perfect High is individualized. It takes into account what you consume, how much, and what you’re doing. There aren’t one-size-fits-all amounts because you’re the only person that knows what you want. However, what you can control is repeating what works. Let’s break down the steps to reaching your perfect high:

To perfect your knowledge, you’ll need a reference point, and that starts with your strain. Cannabis has numerous THC, CBD, and other compound levels. THC alone can range from 0.3% in near hemp-based products to 30%… That’s a 100X difference!

When smoking a mystery joint, you won’t have any idea what’s happening until you’re feeling high. From personal experience, getting to this point can result in trying to maintain sanity for the next half hour and then couch-locked during the comedown. This could be enjoyable, but is this what an average person considers a good time?

This is why budtenders often preach going Low and Slow. Dennis Chan from A Therapeutic Alternative tells us:

“I work with a lot of new customers. I’ll ask them to start with about 1/10 of a puff because it’s easy to get caught up inhaling too much of a 28% THC flower. And if they don’t listen, they’ll ‘face the consequences’😊

This dosage holds true for all other categories of products too. With edibles, they’re easier to measure as rules have them packaged in 10mg doses as opposed to 100mg chunks. Previously, they would literally blow your day after normal size bites. As a result, it’s reasonable to expect the same from flowers and concentrates.

Reaching Your Perfect Cannabis High

Adding Activities to Your Perfect High

Once you’ve got your dose down, tune your strains to your activities. After you’ve consumed, make mental notes on activities you’re performing well so you can grab that strain next time. This linking approach is a lot easier than trying to decipher bar graphs. For instance, you might see “relaxed” as an option for your product.

Relaxed as in couch lock, lethargic or walking around? Creative as in painting, pictionary, writing or brainstorming? Active for studying, physical, or mental?

Considering all that’s going on in our lives, do you really want to mess around with ambiguity? Jotting pairings down helps get you into the right mood fast. By nailing your strains, you’ll be ready to take advantage of product nuances and level up your canna game. You’ll be able to come back to your stash tomorrow, next week, or months down the line in the same quick and perfect fashion.

Blenddy helps connect your cannabis to your lifestyle in positive, confidence-inspiring ways. Find out more at and follow us online for tips, tricks and a whole lot more.

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