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Setting Up Your Security

You’ve probably heard of biometric login – it’s the way to log into your phone using your face or fingerprint. But did you know that Blenddy offers this technology when setting up your security? Here’s how it works.

In today’s world of digital, your consumption history should be private. Whether your phone falls into the wrong hands or you’re traveling to an area with developing laws, prying eyes are everywhere, and your medical/recreational history should remain your business.

We’ve integrated your phone’s hardware offerings into Blenddy’s ecosystem. To use:

  1. Add your biometric information when installing Blenddy

  2. Enter a four code PIN for backup access

After logging in, head to My Stash and begin your journey!

Updating Your Security Information

Rest assured, all security information remains tied to your device. We never store your biometric data or PIN on our server. Should you remove Blenddy and re-install, you’ll be asked for new security credentials.

To change the 4-code PIN, go to the task bar (located at the bottom of Blenddy’s app window) > click More > Preferences > Pin Code

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