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Sharing Your Cannabis Creations

Sharing your cannabis creations on social media is a great way to show off your skills and get inspiration from others. Whether you’re baking, prepping edibles, or rolling up a joint, there are plenty of ways to share what you’ve made.

Cannabis has been enjoyed for centuries, and only recently the scene exploded with ways to enjoy this plant. From vaporizers and bongs to oils and topicals, it seems like no month goes by without someone creating another way for users to experience something new.

Now you can share your cannabis creations and journey directly from Blenddy. Just remember that if cooking isn’t your thing, there are tons of local dispensaries where you can buy pre-made options as well! Here are the steps to post to your socials:

  1. Display the picture to share in the Blenddy Entry window.

  2. Insert your copy in the Shared Review section. (Blenddy auto-populates hashtags(#) which you can edit)

  3. Tap the social media channel you’re sharing to.

  4. Follow the posting and character requrements for each platform.

Sharing of your cannabis creations can be done for each social platform directly from the same window, making it a breeze to post quickly. Blenddy also copies your text to the clipboard in case you need to paste it into other apps!

Not ready for the Sharing Mood? Try our Private Notes instead!

Image used courtesy of IG @chefderekaz, as seen on Netflix!

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