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Tagging Pairings and Effects

Have you ever started a cannabis sesh with a handful of products with no idea on what they do? Before we started tagging cannabis pairings and effects, we’ll be first to admit we had no clue EVERY TIME! Consuming cannabis can be mysterious with over six thousand strains, each with unique effects. With your unique physiology, the only way to confidently consume is to note what cannabis works best. We aptly called our solution Pairings.

Steps to Tagging Cannabis Pairings and Effects

Blenddy's Pairings is the act of noting what works after consuming cannabis. The note can be as simple as ‘Going for a Walk’, or ‘Relaxing at the Park’. The main step is to make note of what feels good, so you can confidently reach for this product next time you’re consuming with the same activity.

  1. Start Pairings by consuming a product, preferably with the Low and Slow method

  2. As the onset of effects occurs, be aware of any activities you enjoy at that moment. Swipe to see options for Physical, Symptomatic, Taste, or Aromas.

  3. Tap the Add Button below each category to see options or enter a custom name you prefer such as Physical, Mental, Chores

  4. Note these by tapping the Add Pairings button

Blenddy swipe to reveal additional effects tracking screen

Swipe to show Pairings Category

Pairings can be assigned under different groupings. It isn’t mandatory, but does help you keep track of them. The groupings also provide word hints. Blenddy helps you track:

  1. Activities – Use it to pair to something you do in your life, such as chores, workouts, etc.

  2. Tastes – **Flavors that meshed well or foods that you enjoyed

  3. Symptoms – What it provided relief for

  4. Aromas – **Something this smell went with

**In Blenddy, you’re not identifying what something smells or tastes like, just what goes with it. Aromas are defined scientifically by terpenoids. These measurements can be found in our strain library.

Each of the Pairings lists shows general options before specific suggestions. For example, in Activities, you’ll find Creative, Active, Tired… ahead of specifics such as basketball, weights, homework, etc.

When you experience an activity in your life working with this strain, note it! By being specific such as “working around the house”, “enjoying a meal”, or “Cleaning Up”, you’ll know the perfect strain to use when you’re doing your daily life. Imagine… having the perfect strain to do chores around the house!

Note Cannabis Pairings Effects

Pairings are the easiest way to identify what to take for any given situation. It avoids having to process differing levels of information across a number of products. But sometimes you just might be looking for a singular effect.

In this instance, expand the Effects drop-down menu and use the tagging there. Add your own custom effects by using the “+” button. Remember, there’s no right or wrong as everything you tag is unique to you. Use the positive or negative groupings to give a quick view of what’s working.

Blenddy Effects screen notation mode

Wrap Up

Paired items and effects are visible in My Stash. This gives you the birds-eye view to make a choice before you start. Couple this with your dosage and Session Log, you’re now ready to elevate yourself for fun and work!

So the next time you’re looking for a product for an activity, treatment, flavor mix, etc… simply glance the keywords and you’re set!

Pro Tips:

  1. Pairings and effects show in the order of selection in My Stash. To re-order, simply deselect and select it again

  2. Filter strains in My Stash by pairings/effects keywords by using the Search bar. Pull down in the My Stash window to expose it.

  3. Edit any entered pairing or effect by holding the name down until the pop up appears

  4. Remove a pairing or effect by deselecting and exiting the Entry window.

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