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Taking Cannabis Photos as Reference

Where would we be without images on our cellphones? For starters, we would have an unintelligent, candy-bar shaped block in our pockets. From the advent of the smartphone, we went from juggling multiple devices…to just one. Having a device we carried everywhere allowed us to document any moment be it h appy, sad, artistic, or simply for posterity. These images in turn jog our memory, helping us recall everything on a whim. Which is exactly why we enabled image capturing on Blenddy. With it, you can be taking cannabis photos and using them as reference for your dosing, organization, and experience.

If you find cannabis pictures intoxicating, you’re not alone. We love looking at cannabis too. From the multitude of green hues to strikingly unique hair colors, each cannabis strain puts out its own character. While the look can’t tell you how it will smoke, we still enjoy gawking at bada** photos. Luckily, you don’t need to be Ansel Adams to be a cannasseur, so keep reading to find out how cannabis photos can be used to find your perfect high.

The Various Types of Cannabis Photos

The Grow Shot

If you’ve ever tried to document your children growing, that’s what cannabis is like. They are your children, and you’ve nurtured and cared for them. Watching them grow is fun, but looking back on them is even better.

Grows can get complicated and documenting how they’re doing can help you make better choices next time, like when you want them to go to the Cannabis Cup?

The Far and Away Shot

Cannabis packaging
From Value Packaging to Lifestyle and Premium Offerings

Call it superficial, but the first impression of the packaging label tells the story behind the product. The far and away image gives a persona to the product name. Without it, your stash of green buds can become confusing if you have a collection of them. This branding helps us identify the grower’s taste and alludes to the high. We’ve observed a gamut of labeling, from value driven products to bold and refined.

The jar shot also lets you document the label details and help you know what to grab. Depending on your state, it informs you about the potency of the cannabinoids and sometimes the general effects.

The Bud Shot

Once past the package, we can see the nugs with colorful intertwined hairs. They’re generally clustered together, and top shelf items are often tight, manicured buds, full of white crystals to take you for a ride. Capturing this lets you correlate if the bud persona fits the high.

Home grows, on the other hand, often show off their fluffy side. These might have shooting leaves and even a gorgeous cola which give much to the imagination. The surprise is if you find something you love.

If your items are manicured, look for properly cared for trims to accentuate the shape, especially to ensure you’re getting a full bud vs littles.

The Zoomed In Shot

Closing in, we begin to see the real story, and it all starts with the color and clarity of the trichomes. For this, attach a macro lens and a light to capture some close views. Try not to overhandle your bud at this phase, because they’ll be getting knocked off during handling. Images of unharvested plants show full round trichome clusters. However, fully cured plants have a very different look. Don’t fear if you don’t see any right away, as they’re often tucked towards the center, safe from harms way.

While high potency cannabis might make you feel really high, blind tests show a majority of people actually preferring balanced strains with low teens potency. It’s why we recommend dosaging to find your perfect high. Remember, it’s all subjective and what you’re looking for is the best high for you.

As you're zoomed in, look for the following!

  • What color are the trichomes?

  • What condition are they in?

  • Do the quantity of the trichomes align to how they make you feel?

  • Do trichomes change over time?

The Big Story of Cannabis Shots

Even though a strain is covered by trichomes, nothing explains it better than a full terp report or the actual smoke. Astute cannasseurs have been known to recognize what they like by the smell of the terps. So take a deep whiff to appreciate those aromas. Lean back, and admire those photos you’ve taken.

Pictures bring you closer to the plant experience, which includes doing those things you love in your life. What better way to tell your story than a series of pictures. If Ansel Adams were alive, he’d be jumping up and down to use images for data tracking. So the next time you’re smoking, take a picture of what you’re experiencing. From what you learned, what you watched, or something you created. These images will jog your memory next time, bringing you back to those great moments.

Taking Cannabis Photos for Dosing

While images can’t tell you anything about the smoke, they make for great visual stimulus and quick reference points! Blenddy attaches images to each strain, so you have a visual history of what each strain does. And in case you want them private, there’s additional security on the app!

Here’s some additional uses for taking and storing your favorite canna pics:

  1. As your stash grows, use it to recall which which jar contains your favorite flowers to grab for your sesh.

  2. Keep close-ups of your flowers and trichomes for comparisons.

  3. Catalog images of your home grows by week.

  4. Visually track dose sizes by using a token for reference vs pulling out a scale.

  5. Store great times and activities by strain. After all, isn’t your smile the measure of a great product?

Steps on Adding Photos

  1. Add additional images using the Add/Edit Image button located in the bottom right corner of an entry image.

  2. Access the carousel by swiping on the image.

  3. The picture shown in the carousel when you click Save will be the image displayed in My Stash.

Have you found a need for taking cannabis photos? Let us know in the comments below if you do or share your best ideas for using them!

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