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Taking Private Dosing Notes

Recording consumption and dosing notes is an important aspect of cannabis. By tracking what you’re consuming, you’ll understand what strain and dose work for your goals. The ability to take private cannabis notes gives you more power when making decisions. Now the first step… getting organized!

Keeping everything in one place makes finding things quick and easy when it’s needed. As each strain has unique effects, knowing the history of a strain in tandem with your physiology is tantamount to good tracking. It’s why Blenddy’s organizes everything by strain in My Stash.

Tracking your cannabis consumption and lifestyle pairings under the same heading gives access to your information quickly and effectively. This information helps you adjust consumption levels in any situation. It also uncovers when something doesn’t work, which gives insight into other product options.

Blenddy organizes logged information, but there are times when a less stringent model becomes more useful. Enter Private Notes!

Taking Private Cannabis Notes gives you control over your consumption plan such as:

  1. Tuning your custom blendds and recipes

  2. Writing about dosages that may work for another activity or event

  3. Noting which friends might benefit from this strain

  4. Building out a draft of a shared post

When managing your regimen, keeping cannabis consumption and dosing notes can help you pick new products at the dispensary. If you’re communicating with a physician, these records also help doctors make better recommendations. Unlike Shared Notes, these are completely private. So type away at your heart’s content.

Have some ideas on what you’re doing with Private Notes? Share your ideas below!

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