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The Blenddy Glossary

Cannabis is a fascinating plant with many uses. Glorious and confusing, but worth exploring! We hope our quick guide helps you understand a bit about cannabis as they pertain to Blenddy to reach your desired experience.

Appellation – Also known as "appellation of origin", a designation given to a product that identifies its geographical origin and how it was produced.

Broad Leaf Varietals (BLV) - A system of categorizing cannabis by it's visual appearance. These plants have broad leaves, which is also how cannabis Indica is described. Its counterpart is Narrow Leaf Varietals (NLV)

Budtender – A person at a dispensary who guides a customer with their purchase choices, which includes answering questions, offering suggestions, and showcasing products being sold.

Cannabis – A scientific designation for weed or marijuana. The cannabis plant has been used both recreationally and medicinally for entheogenic purposes in various traditional medicines.

Cannasseur – A person who enjoys consuming cannabis and studies the many varieties and their differing effects. Similar to a connoisseur who is an expert judge in matters of taste: like music, food, film, etc. but for cannabis.

CBD – Short for cannabidiol, CBD is often associated with producing sleep effects or as a pain analgesic. In whole plant offerings, CBD works in conjunction with THC and the myriad of terpenes. It's boiling temperature is 180˚C/356˚F.

CBN – A cannabinoid known as cannabinol, CBN’s potential benefits include sleep, pain management, and as an anti-inflammatory. CBN is produced from cannabis that has aged during storage, and is derived from the plant’s main psychoactive chemical, THC. It’s boiling temperature is 185˚C/365˚F.

Chemovar – also referred as Chemotype. The chemical makeup of a cultivar which includes cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavinoids.

Combustion - The process of applying flame to ignite cannabis to convert its compounds for absorption. see more

CTFs - Short for Cannabinoids, Terpenoids and Flavinoids, all the compounds found within cannabis

Cultivar – Short for cultivated variety, cultivar is a scientific term for “Strain”

Dabbing - A process of consuming concentrates by way of conduction. Users heat up a "nail" and "dab" concentrates, converting them to vapor. Like vaping, different dabbing temperatures will result in different terpenoid outcomes and hence more or less flavor.

Edibles - A category of cannabis products that encompasses foods infused with cannabis butter, oil, hash or similar. see more

Endocannabinoid – The internal body system that is responsible for your health

Endocannabinoid System (ECS) - A biological system running through the vertebrate system that contains two receptor types (CB1 and CB2), which are affected by cannabis topicals.

Entheogenic - Psychoactive substances that induce alterations in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, or behavior

EntourageRaphael Mechoulam, a chemist at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, proposed in 1998 that a cannabis plant's effects is the entourage of all of its compounds. That is, all the plant's cannabinoids and terpenoids act synergistically to provide unique benefits specific to that combination.

Flavinoid – Organic compounds that provide aroma and flavor in cannabis They are also prevalent in plants, fruits, and vegetables. Flavonoids may also work with terpenes and cannabinoids to produce therapeutic effects.

Flowers - Cannabis plants that have been dried and prepared for consumption. They offer whole plant benefits, which include cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavinoids. see more

Genotype – The DNA and characteristics of a plant, also known as the genetic makeup of a plant. While plants can come from the same genotype, they can be different in how they develop. The genotype and environment growing factors become the phenotype.

Hashish - Also called hash, it is resin extracted from cannabis using a solvent-less technique and dried into a pressed powder. Famous forms include dry sift, bubble hash and are graded into "full melt" or "ice wax"

Hybrid – A combination of Sativa and Indica plants into one plant whose characteristics doesn’t lean heavily in either direction

Indica – A classification for products cannabis indica, visually distinguished with short, broad leaves. Indica products are determined to express analgesic leaning qualities.

Landrace – A cannabis plant native to a single environment and geographical region. Landraces cannot be traced back to any other roots/parents.

Marijuana – Another name for cannabis, in modern times recognized as rooted to cultural stigma.

Narrow Leaf Varietals (NLV) - A system of categorizing cannabis by it's visual appearance. These plants have narrow leaves, which is also how cannabis Sativa is described. Its counterpart is Broad Leaf Varietals (BLV).

Oils - "Resins" or "concentrates” that are extracted from cannabis plant material. They are sold in many forms such as, but not limited to shatter, diamonds, butter, crumble, sugar, or fine powders.

Phenotype - a set of observable characteristics of a plant that results from the interaction of its genotype with its environment.

Pipe - A device used for combusting dried flower material. Pipes vary in material and size dependent on user preferences.

Resin - A sticky secretion or a powdery substance extracted directly from plants. Depending on extraction method, it can be called hashish, rosin or resin/reclaim. Resin also refers to material extracted from a pipe or dab rig after consumption, known as reclaim or weed tar.

Rosin - A cannabis resin extracted from plant using heat and pressure.

Ruderalis – A cannabis type that can autoflower. Visual differences include shortness in stature compared to sativa and indica. It contains low levels of THC, which are just slightly more than hemp, and is native to Central and Eastern Europe and Russia.

Sativa – A classification for products cannabis sativa. These products are currently classified in the marketplace as being more psychoactive. It's visually distinguished by its long narrow leaves.

Strain - slang for Cultivar. In cannabis, it is also the name of the product.

Tar - A sticky brown substance formed once organic and inorganic chemicals condense after being incompletely burned.

Terpenoids – Also known as terps, these are organic compounds responsible for aroma and flavor. Terps interact with cannabinoids to create the entourage effect, making them the most important way to differentiate among strain details.

Terrior – The collective characteristics of geography, geology, and climate in combination with a plant’s genetics that are expressed in its terpene profile and cannabinoid percentages

THC – Commonly referred to as the compound that makes people feel “high”, THC is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis. It works synergistically with terpenoids to create a plant's entourage effect. It’s boiling temperature is 157˚C/315˚F.

Titration – The process to hone in on a user's preferred dosage by slowly increasing or decreasing amounts. It is the foundation of Blenddy's Session Log feature.

Trichomes – Transparent ball shaped ends on cannabis leaves. They primarily contain cannabinoids and terpenoids. On dried flower, they are seen as crystals on the leaves lending to a plant's frosty, white appearance.

Vape – A device that heats up a material via convection to create vapor for inhalation. They come in various sizes, from small pens to larger desktop bag models. Vapes run at temperatures lower than combustion, thereby avoiding carcinogens and tar. Vaping is performed at different temperatures dependent on material, ie. flowers vs. concentrates.

Weed - slang for cannabis

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