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Using Blenddy’s Express Filtering Tool

If you’ve ever wondered how many Sativas or Indicas you have in your inventory, take a look at Blenddy’s Express tool. It shows a tallied count of My Stash broken down by phenotype. To view different categories, simply swipe to access them!

Use Express to make decisions on what to take. It’s perfect for those moments when you’re busy or don’t have energy to scan your entire stash. For example, it’s 4:20 and after a long day at work, you’re looking to wind down with a Sativa Dominant flower. Simply tap its number and Blenddy filters My Stash to only show those items.

To view your full stash again, tap the Unfilter icon in the top right corner of My Stash.

Express is also great as you’re shopping for cannabis. Knowing what you have on hand helps you round out your inventory to fill in gaps for blendding and pairing!

Want to learn more about using Blenddy? Check out the rest of our App Tutorials!

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