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Using Blenddy’s My Stash

Blenddy's My Stash title page showing screen and title

If you’ve been exploring the dispensary, it’s no doubt you’ve amassed quite a few products. Rather than rummaging around jars and baggies, Blenddy organizes your strains for use in Blenddy’s My Stash. This “bird’s-eye view” lets you compare items to easily figure out what to take. It covers all cannabis categories including Flowers, Edibles, Concentrates, and Compounds.

How to Use My Stash

Blenddy's Add Entry button on phone screen near task bar

To add an item, click the Yellow button in the bottom right-hand corner of the My Stash window. The New Entry wizard walks you through the process of adding a few critical details. Upon completing the wizard, Blenddy populates your information into an Entry Page. Everything remains fully editable, adjusting to your consumption style.

Callouts noting different parts of a Blenddy Entry

By inputting your strains, you can now make a consumption decision by:

  1. Mood

  2. Effect

  3. Phenotype (Sativa, Indica, etc.)

  4. Potency (THC, CBD, etc.)

  5. Time-of-day (morning, afternoon, sleep, etc.)

  6. Ratings

The Blenddy sort button at the top of the My Stash interface

If you need more extensive prioritization, use the Sort button. It appears in the upper right corner as you scroll. It arranges items depending on your selection and is handy for a number of scenarios!

Expose Hidden Features

Added features in Blenddy’s My Stash can be accessed by swiping an entry tab. Doing so exposes product potency for quick review.

Pro Tip: When sorting by potency, slide multiple entries to see how your products stack up.

Potency and other controls being shown when swiping a Blenddy Entry in My Stash

A few other useful tools are located here. Have you ever been asked what you’re smoking in a social setting? Well, rather than risk them forgetting, go ahead and Share the name using text or email. It’s a guarantee they won’t have to ask you twice.

Interested in re-purchasing something? Add it to your Try List! It’s a quick way to put together a shopping list based on items you’ve tried and liked.

Don’t delete, Archive!

My Stash should only contain products you have on hand. Blenddy continually assesses your profile based on your past product history. As such, when you’re out of a product, don’t throw away their entries.

Instead, move them to My Archive! This allows Blenddy to aggregate their data into your Profile, but you’ll benefit by de-cluttering My Stash. Swipe and click the Move button to do this. Coincidentally, this button can also move entries to custom Lists.

With all this versatility, we’ll be sharing techniques on comparing and applying this data in our Case Studies. Check our blog for coming articles!

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