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Using Try List for Your Cannabis Shopping

Using Try List For Shopping

Shopping at a dispensary offers both variety and convenience. Products are meticulously grouped by phenotype so you can select the perfect cannabis cultivar to improve your mood or banish aches and pains. Unfortunately, the small size of package labeling limits the amount of printable area. Effects and descriptions are either omitted or relegated to a website, leaving you guessing and confused. Nevermind that all effects are individualized anyway…but you do have another option…use Blenddy’s Try List to shop with 100% confidence going in!

Combining Blenddy’s Search and Try List

As if there wasn't enough to learn when trying cannabis, the constant influx of new strains and nuances adds to this list of complexity. In additions, you're dealing with package labeling that doesn’t take into account your uniqueness. Your state of mind, physical disposition, tolerances, and past experience all play into the effects you feel.

While budtenders can recommend a product, they’re not going to be as tuned to your differences when giving you a recommendation. In fact, they may not even inform you of any negative effects you may experience. You can still sort this product out, but wouldn’t it be great to purchase your perfect product directly from the get-go?

To improve your chances of getting what works for you, you’ll need to have information. Luckily, Blenddy’s Shop get you closer to what you want by putting that information in the palm of your hand. Start Shop by clicking the icon on the task bar and use the Search tool to locate what you’re after.

Try List Search Feature

Blenddy’s Search feature acts as a shopping assistant in your pocket. Simply find something you’re looking for, and tag them to your Try List by pressing the Cloud Icon, which saves the entry for easy reference.

Try List Tag Feature

Use this list while shopping at the dispensary to recall items of interest. You can even access the strain information by tapping its name! It’s super handy to have when you’re comparing multiple products for your final checkout.

Use Try List to Bookmark Things for Shopping

Other challenges of cannabis shopping include re-purchasing. More than likely something you loved is no longer available. So rather than scrambling to buy whatever sits on the shelf with no connection to what works for you, simply browse for related strains.

Blenddy’s strain information pages contain a strain’s origin such as parent strain along with popular child strains. After all, the genetics you’re seeking had to come from somewhere. You could even consider blendding these new strains together. Again, to tag them, simply press the cloud icon.

Pro Tips:

Add to Try List throughout Blenddy. For instance, do you want a quicker way to tag something you’ve run out of? Simply swipe your My Stash entry and tap the Add to Try List button. If Blenddy recognizes the product, it’ll be added to your list and ready to go.

Add to Try List Image

Bring up your list when you're at the dispensary to recall items to buy. This action can be performed from custom lists as well.

Alternatively, you could preempt your buy by creating an Entry in a List named Shopping and move it over to My Stash after purchasing. We hope this gives you some ideas to streamline your shopping and let us know some of the ways you use it down below! Happy Shopping!


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