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Weed Moms vs Wine Moms

We regularly see moms posting about needing mommy juice after a long day of parenting. You’ll even find IG moms posting selfies sporting a glass of wine or promoting a wine meme, but are those “norms” good for Weed Moms?

Have we truly lifted the stigma of weed?

As cannabis marches towards full legalization, it’s natural to draw comparisons to the alcohol industry. For the first time in many states, citizens finally have a choice to legally consume and are doing so in record numbers.

Statistics Canada reported that Canadians spent nearly as much on cannabis as wine in 2019. Down in the United States, forecasters see cannabis usurping wine in the coming decade. Back in 2014, the 35 – 44 year old demographic surpassed teenage use for the first time.

It was a major milestone for one of the propaganda generations to reach, but do these trends really mean things are getting better? The overall numbers are more nuanced than we think. They’re generationally driven because of the laws one grew up in.

Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation were fed false narratives on marijuana dangers for nearly their entire lives. Continued prosecution in yet-to-be legalized states has only added hesitation to openly discuss this topic in their social circles.

Their taboos even extend into the open market– where wine companies can run advertisements on traditional and social media, but government rules say NO for a legal plant!

In direct contrast, millennials have grown up immersed in online dialogue. They’ve observed the falsehoods of anti-cannabis messaging. This awareness at a younger age has allowed them to freely experiment and only strengthened their support.

The path for Gen X’ers is potentially the most divided. MosT X’ers are currently parents who openly post wine images, memes, and vlogs. Yet when Weed Moms apply the same approach to cannabis, they’re cast with a negative stereotype. So what gives, even though cannabis is safer and less addictive?

Wine Moms and Weed Moms

Cannabis in its many forms offers symptomatic solutions that run the gamut in dealing with personal issues to socializing. Moms typically cite stress relief, physical pain, and managing the abundance of tasks as positives when cannabis is properly used. These benefits alone should allow cannabis to be designated a parental necessity.

The truth is, parenting by itself is a polarizing topic. From day one, there’s the omnipresent judging eye on even trivial things, like how to hold your baby. Couple parenting with cannabis, and you’ve got a tweetstorm in the making.

It’s no easy task to convince someone that’s been pummeled by the propaganda machine, but we’ve found that information and time is the best advocate for normalization.

Needless to say, any parent who shows up to a PTA meeting blackout drunk would be viewed unfavorably. Likewise, it’s equally inappropriate to go red-eye and baked to a school!

Next Steps

In short, society currently accepts a responsible wine mom. We have our fingers crossed they’ll also accept a responsible weed mom, or as we say here, a CannaMom. However, as with any societal change, it’ll take time before the stigma is forgotten and taboos disappear.

Until then, we should govern ourselves more than wine moms do. By applying our best judgment and consuming responsibly, we can hopefully speed its acceptance up.

We hope you’ll share your super cannamom stories below. Being a parent is lonely enough, and any help we give to others becomes our strength.

Blenddy uncovers your A-game with what we call Find Your Perfect. It begins by tracking strains in our easy-view format. Soon, you’ll know when to use the right product for your CannaMom lifestyle and have the chops to discuss it with anyone.

Until then, we thought to leave you with a list of undesirables to watch out for while taking your strains. You never want to be that parent.

  1. Red Eyes, droopy eyes, or any eyes for that matter that are different from your normal eyes

  2. Over intoxicated look

  3. Smelling like you had a good time from a hot box sesh

  4. Being incoherent or sluggish when answering

  5. Mind wandering or off topic

  6. Oversmiling, though always keep a good smile

  7. Falling asleep

  8. Reckless or stupid

  9. Being the ultimate version of you


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