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What the Hell is Low and Slow?

As a beginner, it’s hard to know what to take, let alone what quantity will send you over the top. Low and Slow is a consumption technique that’s useful for unfamiliar items, allowing you to ease into your comfort level.

Go Low and Slow on Your Consumption

Each cannabis strain has its own unique, batch-tested potency values. Even in the same batch, variations can exist from plant to plant. Factor in your unique physiology makeup and there’s a pretty complex set of controllers to consider.

By going Low (using a smaller dosage than you think is right), you’ll work UP to identify your Perfect High. Doing it Slow lets you progress in a gradual manner, working comfortably toward your peak.

If you’ve ever experienced spinning, nausea, vomiting, or passing out, Low & Slow should help with avoiding these results. Conversely, if you’re not feeling any effects, Low and Slow gradually gets you there. You’ll uncover how every one of your products can work for, instead of against you.

How to Go Low and Slow

Start by tracking your product. Unless you have a photographic memory, tracking is the only way to understand what works. Once your preferences are recorded, use that information to get to your Perfect High, Every Time.

Logging basic details help you identify things that work, including tuning into the nuances. Needless to say, with more accurate tracking, you’ll achieve better insights. For instance, using a digital scale gives consistent and repeatable results with minimal effort.

For our Low and Slow method:

  1. Divide what you believe is your dosage into quarters

  2. Snap a picture to remember what your does looks like!

  3. Consume two of those quarters

  4. Wait approximately ten minutes

  5. Evaluate and consume remaining quarters as needed

Applying a waiting period gives time for cannabinoids and terpenoids to take effect. In addition, active times are different for every individual so learn to develop a reference point.

Different products have their own Low and Slow timeline. For example, Concentrates share a similar timeline to Flowers as they’re both inhaled. Edibles need 30 – 45 min. because they’re processed in the stomach. Similarly, Compounds are absorbed through the skin and require more time before the onset of effects.

Enjoy Your Exploration

Take time to explore your products individually using the Low and Slow method. Use Blenddy’s Session widget to track and tune your dosages, and your perfect amount will appear. In future seshes with the same product, you’ll be able to start immediately with an amount you felt comfortable with. For additional support, here’s a video on recording a session using Blenddy.

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