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Begin Your Cannabis Journey Today

It's normal to feel overwhelmed when walking into a dispensary for the first, second... or even tenth time. The dazzling lights, unfamiliar aromas, and eager faces usher faith you’re toting on exit, a perfect, euphoric experience in a bag.

You manage your return home with these products and a general sense of what they'll do. But there's still that lingering uncertainty on how much to consume.

You recall the budtender’s recommendation to go Low and Slow. But was it 5, 10, 20 mg of edibles? Did they say 0.1 g or 0.2 g of dried flower? And was it 3-5 drops, or droppers every night before bed of the 18:1 CBD tincture?

THC, CBD, ABC, %’s, Ratios, WTF???

What does psychoactive vs. analgesic mean again? And what are terpenes? Which order should I go in to treat my sciatica? And here you thought consuming cannabis was going to be easy, right?

Wrong. In fact, this is so confusing that most users just assume use it primarily for sleep.

These are SOME of the reasons we created Blenddy. It's a tool to monitor your satisfaction to attain perfect recreational or therapeutic benefit. Blenddy helps manage your product so you can begin to make perfect dosage decisions for every product you own.

Break the Cycle

Cannabis can cure your mental effects, feelings, and physical energy simply based on a strain, so it’s important to understand what and how much you take. And the reality is this beginner joy ride repeats again with every new product.

A common misconception is a cannabis is “just a weed” or “marijuana.” Propaganda aside, those terms carry a lot of oversimplification. How often have we heard “Let’s go smoke some weed” as if “weed” was all the same.

Take a modern-day stroll through any respected dispensary. You’ll be selecting from at least thirty cultivars. Each of them is hand-selected by your provider to cover the specific needs of their patients.

These characteristics vary due to cannabinoids, terpenes, and potency, which act together on your endocannabinoid system. These attributes can even be modified by temperature, tools, or ingestion method! Yes, it’s all possible, and Blenddy will help get you to your perfect place.

Your Body is Unique

Because of our different physiologies and biological makeup, we’ll each have different dosages we feel is perfect. YouTube videos of people consuming copious amounts of cannabis are eye-popping, but avoid the fandom to fly overboard right away. Instead, gradually work upwards to your comfort level instead of gunning the gas to a bad experience.

Honing is a common-sense approach to cannabis. We certainly don’t consume mass quantities of alcohol and cannabis is no different. By avoiding unintended consequences, you’ll reinforce an enjoyable relationship with cannabis to help with your life goals.

You are the Hero

By tracking your product, being attuned to how your body reacts, and being consistent with consumption amounts, you’ll quickly pinpoint what products and experiences you like.

We call this Find Your Perfect. It involves a tried and true technique in the medical field called titration. Titration is simply self-consuming and modifying your dosage to understand what works. In upcoming blogs, we’ll share how to find your perfect and open a world of possibilities to apply cannabis into your lifestyle.

Are you ready? Even if you’re starting with a high tolerance, Blenddy can help you hone your preferred outcome. So take the journey, and find the amount for you.

Kudos if you were lucky to find your perfect product from over 9000+ strains on the market! But don’t fret if you haven’t, because that’s going to be half the fun… Stay tuned for trips and tricks to become a cannalifestyler!


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