Know Your Uniqueness

the HOW
Product variations and your physiology  contribute to the effects of your experience.

Aside from genetic differences,  a farmer's technique can affect expected outcomes. Growing condition, additives, harvest schedule, cure time, and trimming method can alter a batch's flavor and effects. This variance means product naming doesn't ensure consistency. Use Blenddy to track batches and master each group's specific characteristics.


Get Focused  On You

All our physiology factors contribute to the effects we experience. Weight, age, built-up tolerance, changing health patterns, and existing mental and physical disposition mean there are lots of variables.


Using friends as a barometer is not a way to predict outcomes since what makes you tick is likely different than them. Imagine how calories, various food groups, and liquids, such as caffeine, can have diverse effects on you. Similarly, medications will have different impacts, so why risk being in the wrong mood!

Blenddy picks up where labels stop being useful to help you Find Your Perfect. Blenddy helps optimize, track, and understand consumption for peak performance and gains. Best of all, it's simple to get results immediately. You'll start with these three steps:



Amp up your wellness by tracking these three simple things



Select your consumption process


We have presets and also temperature to make it easy.



Input the amount used


Do this using weight or your visual scale.



Record your reference point


Use them tomorrow, next week, or further away.


Use Your Uniqueness

Use Blenddy to get into the right active mood for any lifestyle and tasks. By pairing your favorite activities, you're in complete confidence to grab what you need to feel great. Blenddy also helps you maintain your comfort level to avoid bad experiences like hangovers, sluggishness, or malaise.


You can also put yourself into a rhythm by pairing *Spotify playlists to your products. There's no sense listening to stodgy old tunes when you're feeling uppity, right? ​

* only for paid Spotify subscription members

Apply your product settings to boost all your activities.

Create Multi-Product Seshes with Ease

Naturally we consume various products and not solely one product all day. Use Blenddy to manage multi-product days, or sessions, with expert precision.


Just like great chefs or inspired growers, make personal combinations or put together a hosting menu to share your favorite products with your guests. Start crafting that journey today!

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Share Your Uniqueness

Products vary tremendously by location, and Blenddy keeps you current with local developments by helping find products you like.

Use Blenddy to share your findings with your circle or greater community. Remember, life's better when we gather around.

And just so you know, people are always asking our team what our favorite blends and products are. Come experience the new way to consume!


The Cherry on Top... Save Money & Time!

Use as much, or as little, of Blenddy's tools, attributes, tips, and statistics as you need. As you uncover what works for you, Blenddy will offer product suggestions saving you time from needlessly shopping different websites while scoring products you like.

Excited to learn more? Click below! Say goodbye to generic recommendations and supercharge your lifestyle!