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Accepting Uniqueness

the HOW
Product variations and your body's physiology change the effects you experience.

No two cannabis batches are the same. Even though products have the same name, different batches vary from each other due to genetics and growing conditions. A farmers’ techniques including additives, harvesting schedule, curing duration, and trimming method all play a part in a plant’s flavor and effects. It's important to track product by batches as they'll affect you differently.


Focus  On You

There are different things that affect how you feel. Your age, weight, and your tolerancy all play a role. These things also change over time, making everything personal.


Buying cannabis simply because it worked for somone else is a gamble. Even something as simple as your taste buds may not align with them. Cannabis is infinitely more complex, so spend a moment to figure it out!

Blenddy helps you find the best products for you. It's simple to understand your results and figure out which products are right for you using these 3 steps:



Amp up your wellness by tracking these three simple things



Select your consumption process


We have presets and also temperature to make it easy.


Input the quantity used


Do this using weight or your visual scale.



Record your reference point


Use them tomorrow, next week, or further away.


Supercharge Your Sesh

Blenddy gives you easy tools to get in the right mood lightening fast. By matching your lifestyle to your products, you'll always know what to take for the task at hand.


Amplify your sesh by recalling the right high and headspace by pairing *Spotify playlists to your products. Say goodbye to spending your high listening to the wrong music!

* only for Spotify subscription members

Link product to activities for the fastest path to enjoyment.
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Track Multi-Product Seshes with Ease

Smoking different products instead of the same one all day? Use Blenddy to help navigate this new world of multiple products and sessions with expert precision.


Just like great chefs or inspired growers, craft menus or combinations and recreate them for your next smoke-out! We'll show you how!

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Share Your Uniqueness

Products vary tremendously by location, and Blenddy keeps you current with local developments by helping find products you like.

Use Blenddy to share your findings with your circle or greater community. Remember, life's better when we gather around.

And just so you know, people are always asking our team what our favorite blends and products are. Come experience the new way to consume!

The Cherry on Top... Save Money & Time!

Use as much, or as little, of Blenddy's tools, attributes, tips, and statistics as you need. As you uncover what works for you, Blenddy will offer product suggestions saving you time from needlessly shopping different websites while scoring products you like.

Excited to learn more? Click below! Say goodbye to generic recommendations and supercharge your lifestyle!

Start Perfecting Your High Today!

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