We're all different  on the inside.

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Just because we're all humans doesn't mean our bodies react the same way. What separates us is our unique biological system. Your weight, disposition, age, and preferences should guide your choices, not a one-size-fits-all label on a jar.

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Compounds Make Up the Product

Compounds are the building blocks in a product that affect your health and wellness. Within a single product, multiple compounds work together to create its synergistic effects.


Given that plants can have over one hundred scientific compounds each, knowing what's in your product can help you pinpoint why you gravitate towards some and not others.

Knowing Your Limits Makes for Better Experiences

Consuming more can take you way past your comfort zone. To avoid bad experiences, working up slowly is better than just going overboard.


Using Blenddy, you can track quantity to comfortably reach and stay at your perfect point.

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