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Spark Your Creativity

Tap the power of your strains with just a little knowledge of temperature.

A strain labeled "Creative," will often have other effects. It's caused by other cannabinoids and terpenoids present in the strain. Depending on the type of consumption tool, these effects can be all-in or taken out.

By knowing which chemical compounds are in your strain, isolating "creative" from "creative + tired" becomes a simple process of identifying their evaporation points. This can mean the difference of being awake instead of crashing out.

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Temperature- Controlled Effects

Using a temperature-controlled device, lower vaporization-point cannanoids and terpenoids can be isolated. The benefits can include avoiding over-mental stimulation, hunger pangs, or tiredness.


Blenddy helps track the temperature and outcome of each session so you know exactly what to do. Record multiple outcomes for each strain, all paired to your lifestyle activity.


To find out more ways to heat your way to victory, click on over to our blog.

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