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Achieving Peak Performance With Cannabis Microdosing


Venturing into Steven Kotler's recent exploration on inducing flow states with cannabis has been a real eye-opener for me. Imagine this intriguing concept: seamlessly integrating microdoses of cannabis into your routine, alongside caffeine and exercise, to achieve peak performance. The stories of extreme athletes and prolific writers adopting this approach really hit home for me, resonating with my own experiences and aligning seamlessly with one of Blenddy's core objectives— the pursuit of Achieving Peak Performance through Microdosing.

Microdosing Cannabis: Achieving Peak Performance

Taylor's article underlines the essence of achieving peak performance through flow states, with a focal point on microdosing cannabis. It's essential to distinguish cannabis microdosing from its psychedelic counterpart, as each serves a unique purpose. While mushroom microdosing spans days or weeks, such as the Fadiman protocol or Stamets stack, cannabis microdosing is tailored for a single session.

In the realm of cannabis, microdoses typically range from 2 to 10 milligrams of THC per-session- an approach allowing users to tap into potential benefits while minimizing adverse effects. Cannabis microdosing becomes a personalized, small-scale dosage where subtle advantages become perceptible.

Precision in Dosing: Overcoming Challenges

But how do we get there? Consistent experiences across sessions hinge on precise dosing, an intricate task when relying on visual estimates alone. Traditional eyeballing methods prove unreliable, emphasizing the importance of investing in an accurate scale. Measuring ensures control over dosage, crucial whether the doses are small or large.

However, measuring alone isn't sufficient. Remembering exact amounts across sessions, especially when blending strains or incorporating substances like caffeine, becomes challenging. Kotler's recommendation highlights the need for additional strategies to achieve specific effects.

The Importance of Tracking: Insights Into Performance Shifts

Microdosing isn't just about consuming cannabis; it's a nuanced practice that requires careful tracking. Monitoring onset times, duration, intensity, and understanding personal thresholds are vital aspects of the process. Without this data, reproducing the optimal performance boost turns into a memorization task.

Flexible Dosing Tracking with Blenddy: A Game-Changer

Kotler highlights the potential of cannabis, and Blenddy is designed to harness that potential effectively. But how do we make this process seamless?

Enter Blenddy's Sessions feature—an adaptable solution for precisely logging microdoses of cannabis, additional substances, and contextual factors like timing and experiences. Users can effortlessly view dosing data across past sessions, facilitating informed tuning for personalized combinations tailored to individual preferences.

This capability allows users to capture supplements alongside timing, experiences, and pairing activities, providing a comprehensive overview of their sessions.

Optimizing Cannabis Microdosing Recipes with Blenddy

The article rightly underscores how different doses impact users over time, emphasizing the need to identify patterns for replicating positive experiences while avoiding unwanted effects. Through measurement and tracking, Blenddy empowers users to fine-tune their perfect cannabis microdosing recipes, unlocking personal creativity, productivity, and flow.


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