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Adding a New Entry

Blenddy's Entry Pages contains your product’s information, effects, experiences...all organized by cultivar. Anytime you need information about your product, such as dosing, images, effects recall, just head to your product's page.

Starting and Using Your First Entry

When you purchase a new product, create a New Entry to add it to My Stash.

1. Head into My Stash via the tab tray located on the bottom of the app

2. Click the yellow button in the bottom right corner

3. Complete the wizard’s step-by-step instructions

4. Upon completion of the wizard, Blenddy populates your inputs into an entry page.

5. Access additional tracking items not covered in the wizard by tapping the field. (You an edit existing fields in the same manner)

6. Save your inputs by clicking the Back Arrow OR clicking the Save Entry Button (only available when starting a New Entry)

My Stash now displays the completed entry. Speed up your next sesh’s decision making process by comparing your entries’ details. Filter them by rating, time of day, effects, and phenotype. Everything is now organized for you to get your best high!

Entry Page Sections

An Entry page comes divided into sections. They're arranged in the order of use, from when you purchase and record the details, begin honing your amounts, to re-creating the perfect environment for your strain. Deep dive into each section to access the powerful elements to bump up your high!

  1. Strain Details – Track your product’s information

  2. Sessions – Record and hone your product dosage

  3. Music Pairing – Recreate the perfect mood

  4. Pairings & Effects – Note things that go well with your product

  5. Private Notes – A section for your personal notes

  6. Share – Finalize everything for your community


– Review your information before starting your sesh so you get your perfect high

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