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Store Old Entries in My Archive

My Archive is your new best friend in the world of cannabis. It's like a treasure chest where you can store old entries of strains you've tried and tested. Why is this important? Because every strain you've experienced is a piece of the puzzle to finding your perfect high. And Blenddy wants to help you complete that puzzle.

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How My Archive Works

Blenddy helps you make connections to other products using information provided in your Entries. My Archive is simply a repository of your finished products. That means everything from Flowers, Edibles, Concentrates, Compounds and even Mushrooms!

Use My Archive as a shopping guide to recall what worked for you. Trust us; it's like having a cannabis diary that actually helps you make better choices when shopping online or at the dispensary!

Clean Up My Stash by Storing Old Entries in My Archive

Gone are the days of blindly picking strains based on catchy names or relying on luck. My Archive is your history to reference to get the most out of your cannabis shopping. It's done simply by storing your old entries in My Archive.

As a bonus, My Stash now only contains your current inventory, streamlined for you to make the best decision on your next sesh!

Visual Cues of My Archive

Let's face it, we can all get a little forgetful sometimes. Especially as you're just trying new products. If you get confused as to where you are staring down during a sesh, you'll notice My Stash is different from My Archive as it has a grayish header. Think of this color to represent the resting place for strains in your past.

Just like My Stash, all My Archive entries contribute to your personal analytics. Anything stored here might be gone from your physical inventory, but their results contribute in the background to help narrow-in on perfect matches for you.

Blenddy helps uncover the true potential of the entourage effect in cannabis to your body. No need to press buttons or break a sweat. Blenddy takes care of that. Soon, your dashboard will be bursting with curated insights, and you won't have to lift a finger!

How to Move an Entry to My Archive

So here's the golden rule: Don't delete your Entries! Instead, retire them to My Archive by:

  1. Swiping left on a completed product in My Stash

  2. Select Move

  3. Select "My Archive"

Additional Benefits to Storing Old Entries

Want to stay with the future? Terpenes are what drives your high. But how do you make sense of them? Well, the first step is to fill them in on your New Entry Page. Later on, even as you archive them, Blenddy will automatically put your compounds into context.

You'll also have an easily scannable  library of products for your viewing and comparison. You'll discover finding new strains that work for you much more insightful and accurate.

Pro Tips

  • My Archive is always on and cannot be turned off.

  • Unlike custom colors for Lists, My Archive's header will always be gray

  • If you haven't already, head over to 'More', click your profile picture, and fill out your profile questionnaire. This will help us tailor recommendations to your unique preferences. Plus, it's your golden ticket to unlocking additional My Archive features!

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