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Tracking All Things Mushrooms

If you’re using mushrooms as part of a wellness regimen, accurate measuring can help you reach your goals. From microdosing to macrodosing, Blenddy will help you with tracking all things mushrooms. Since mushrooms are consumed by eating, dosage recording works identical to cannabis edibles with minor differences.

Start recording your mushroom trip by:

1. Record your mushroom batch using the Add Entry Button. Selecting Psilocybin or Non-Psilocybin helps categorize and bring up the appropriate product list. Your entry is placed into a stash labeled Mushroom in My Stash.

2. Track your dosaging under Session Log by clicking the Create New Session button.

3. Enter the Sesh quantity being consumed.

4. Add specific notes that may influence your trip. Stomach condition, starting mental state, or what you’re consuming with the mushrooms can play a large part in trip onset time and duration.

5. A Notification Timer starts when you complete the wizard. The default length reminds you in two hours to complete recording of your session.

Finalize your mushroom trip recording:

1. Complete the session early by clicking the timer tab. Extend the timer if needed in two hour increments.

2. Note the effect onset time and overall trip time. Both can help you determine what to expect next time

3. Note your impression of the quantity you used. On your next trips, apply or modify your dosage to achieve better results.

4. Finalize the recording by noting what activity was performed and return to the main entry window.

5. Tag any Pairings or Effects you feel are notable for this strain. They appear in My Stash so you can make the quickest decision on what to take. To reorder, simply unselect and select.

As you see, any notations you make will help inform you for your next trips. By measuring and honing, you’ll be able to control all aspects from comfortability to visuals based on your body system.

Pro tips for tracking mushrooms:

• Caps contain more psilocybin than stems. For better distribution, grinding up product makes weighing and dosing more accurate.

• Existing stomach conditions greatly alter psilocybin and psilocin absorption. Make a note of your stomach state in your sesh log.

• Mushrooms and Cannabis cannot be moved into the same stash under Lists. The exception is for items moved into the Trash List

• Keep non-psilocybin mushrooms organized using category.

• If you prefer to not have a series of session logs, tap to edit inputted content as needed.

• When adding notes during a trip, use the keyboard’s microphone button to enter text.

We hope you enjoy using mushrooms as we continue to refine this product. Send us any comments or suggestions at


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